Peter Fieldman
Los jugadores del equipo de Brasil muestran sus medallas de oro

Now that the Rio games have ended and Tokyo takes on the task of preparing the 2020 event perhaps it is time to reform the structure of the IOC with regard to the methods of choosing the venues for the Olympic Games.

Union Jack

The world changed when I woke up early on 24 June and checked the referendum result. As a British citizen who grew up in the Common Market before it became the European Union, Brexit was something unimaginable.

Una persona cuenta dinero para pagar

Writing from Italy it was interesting to hear Premier Matteo Renzi claiming that Italy is changing, while at the same time well-known writer Corrado Augias describes it as 'Guasto' (a broken state)

Cientos de tiendas

Nobody wishes to minimise the human tragedy which has been unfolding over the past five years in North Africa and the Middle East since the outset of what became known as the Arab Spring.

Inmigrantes sirios se bajan de una barcaza

Oscar Wilde once said. «If there is one thing worse than being talked about it is not being talked about.» Donald Trump certainly seems to have taken his advice to heart in the US election campaign with his extreme views on immigration and terrorism, which many politicians tend to avoid by being politically correct.

Una gran humareda sale del galeón San José

The recent announcement by Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, of the discovery of the remains of the Spanish Galleon, San José, sunk by the British navy in 1708 with a cargo estimated at between $4 and $17billion, not only created worldwide interest but caused a diplomatic incident and a potential legal battle with international ramifications.

Un islote con una edificación en el centro

The European Union is facing its gravest crisis since the Common Market came into existence at the Treaty of Rome in 1957. Individual states, dissatisfied with the technocrats in Brussels, are reasserting their right to determine their own policies and laws while many of Europe's regions are seeking more autonomy or even independence.