Peter Fieldman
Pablo Iglesias levanta el brazo en señal de victoria

On 24th May voters went to the polls in thirteen Autonomous regions and over eight thousand municipalities in Spain's regional and municipal elections. The result of 24- M has turned out to be a second «Transición.» After almost forty years of domination since the country became a democracy, the two major parties - the right wing PP and socialist PSOE - have been shaken to their foundations by the rise of two new parties and the fragmentation of the vote.

Gente en una calle de Cuba
Visiting Cuba before the demise of the current political regime was a longstanding dream of mine and it seems I made it just in time since President Obama has finally started the long overdue negotiations to end the 50 year isolation of the island. I chose a fifteen day circuit tour to learn as much as possible about the country and the people, flying with Cubana Aviacion in one of its rather ageing Russian Ilyushin aircraft, as it operates a service from Madrid to Santiago de Cuba, the starting point of my tour.
Juan Pujol García

D-Day 1944: the largest invasion force in history successfully landed on the shores of Normandy to end the Nazi domination of Europe. But without the contribution of a self made, Spanish double agent, the outcome of the Second World War might have been different,

Juan Pujol Garcia was born in Barcelona in 1912. He first experienced conflict during the Spanish Civil War joining the Republican cause. Rejecting communism, he defected to the Nationalists during the battle for the Ebro in 1938. However he lost faith with the Fascist regime and ended the war in prison. He was proud to have fought for both sides without firing a shot and at the outbreak of the Second World War with Spain neutral, decided to help the allies.

Cartel de la película Blancanieves en el que se ha sustituido la cara de ella por la de Angela Merkel y la de los enanitos por la de los líderes de los Estados miembros de la UE

Lovely to see how elected representatives think they are so special. Esperanza Aguirre seemed unaware that bus lanes, especially in Gran Via (centre of Madrid), are designed for buses and taxis and not politicians. Of course «everyone is equal before the law.» This applies particularly to those implicated in the long running Noos, Ere, Gurtel and Bárcenas sagas. The role of Party Treasurer must be particularly well paid if in the space of ten years it is possible to save more than €40million in a Swiss bank.

El féretro de Adolfo Suárez portado por militares sube las escaleras del Congreso

«I can promise and I promise.» Undoubtedly the passing away of Adolfo Suarez last week was a monumental event. I managed to join the media cattle pen outside the Congress when the funeral cortege arrived and was fortunate to be able to walk up the carpeted steps and enter the main entrance to file pass the flag draped coffin as it lay in state, like the thousands of people of all generations who had spent hours lining the streets to pay their last respects to the man who brought democracy to Spain.